Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fastener Industry Future

We have all seen consolidations, companies close their doors. We've seen an influx of fasteners from China and India and many other countries. We have seen online ordering, we see high tech warehousing all across the country. But.....where do we go to discuss the evolution of our industry with other people from our industry?? Welcome to Fastenerblog!

I'm not sure what this site can accomplish. Perhaps distributors across the country can discuss sources for products both domestic and overseas. Maybe someone moving across the country can do some job searching on the site. Maybe a company can discover some marketing insights by linking up with other bloggers. All I know is I have kids under the age of 20 and they all have blogs and "My Space" pages and "Face Book" accounts and I thought....why not us? The bolts and nuts people.

So, welcome the Fastenerblog. Please leave a note and let's see where we go from here!


At 4:56 PM, Blogger BoltGuy said...

Interesting idea. We could use a platform to exchange industry information.


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